Adhesive RFID Apparel Label Tag for Clothing Management

Clothing Apparel RFID tags are the most common passive UHF RFID tags in the world. They have been widely used in billions of items. Internationally-renowned brands have used passive RFID tags worldwide to track their clothing, shoes or fashion accessories.
To maximize the potential of passive UHF RFID tags, we recommend using them as much as possible throughout the supply chain: this will increase your efficiency and data accuracy while reducing their cost.

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RFID apparel tag is a update produce compared with traditional apparel tag carry only printed barcode and SKU information and brand logo as well. HUAYUAN RFID clothing apparel tag embedding and tagging solutions for apparel and retail projects support speed inventory and automatic data collection with lower costs, increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.

How can RFID clothing label tags bring these benefits?

-Eliminate sight, label orientation or barcode label quality requirements, manual data entry and operator errors, making inventory management faster and more accurate.

-End-to-end project-level supply chain visibility and a documented chain of custody reduces forgery, theft, bill disputes and charges, while protecting the brand.

-Instant inventory resupply, from manufacturing, distribution to point of sale, reducing costs and shortages, increasing inventory turnover, and creating higher customer satisfaction.

Key feature of RFID self-adhesive label tags in apparel or retailer:

1.EPC Encoding and Data protection


3.Reduce Shrinkage

4.Supply Chain Intelligence

5.Item-Level Source Tagging

6.Inbound/Outbound Verification

7.Inventory Control

8.Track Work in Progress

9.Shipment Verification

Specifications of RFID self-adhesive tags

A.Technical spec. of RFID self-adhesive tags:


RFID Apparel self-Adhesive Tag


GS1/EPC Global UHF Gen2

Operating Frequency:



MONA R6/R6-P, UCODE 7/8 etc.

Inlay Size:

40*15mm, 50*30mm, 70*14mm etc

Label Dimensions:

50*25mm, 70*27mm, 90*35mm or customized


Paper/PET/art paper (AW4200A), UPM paper, AD digital paper etc.


Customized on back or front side black position line or perforated


Customized data (barcode, price, Art. No.)

B.Structure of RFID UHF apparel tag: 


C.Unwinding direction of UHF RFID tag for retailer:


HUAYUAN advantage of RFID UHF apparel retailer tags:

1. Sophisticate experience in RFID know how and RFID manufacturing for years.

2. World-class RFID Tag production line of Mühlbauer bonding, Melzer & Bielomatik converting under 100% quality inspection in high-speed production.

3. Comprehensive designs of RFID tags selections for meet target performance of application environment, frequency, performance, coherence under serious test in professional RFID laboratory of anechoic chamber emulating environment of applications.

4. Flexible RFID tag programming production line 100% inspected by Voyantic Tagsaurance and Optical visual for encoding, replacing, printing in high speed up to 50 meters Before delivery

5. HUAYUAN Tech GmbH offer professional presale to after sale supporting in Europe.

6. Key partner of Avery Dennison, EECC, AIM, RAIN approved inlay design for optional with competitive cost.

For further information about UHF RFID apparel tags, why not contact HUAYUAN?

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