Anti-Liquid RFID Tags for Blood Bag Track and Trace

Since UHF RFID Tags is too sensitive whose performance is easily affected by the working environments especially moisture and metal. In order to have the best performance, RFID engineers always looking for various methods to get rid of these interference factors and enhance RFID tags’ performance to make, for example, the liquid RFID UHF tags work better on the surface of plasma bags, human bodies, and wine bottles etc.

Product Detail

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Product Tags

Currently here are several RFID tags for liquids in the market:

1, RFID flag tag: Small dimension with long reading distance, up to 5m based on the reader antenna’s power. Due to its special design and installation method, RFID flag tag’s performance is almost not affected by adherend’s material. In the meantime, also RFID UHF flag tag is difficult to install automatically which has to be done manually that is costly. 

2, Slim design RFID liquid sticker: reading distance is about 1-2m. Slim design limits reading distance, and the RFID tag’s frequency range is narrow. The best reading direction to the slim RFID liquid sticker is front side. In order to optimized the slim RFID liquid sticker’s performance, its better to do antenna design based on the material to the container and the contained liquid ingredients.

3, Printable on metal RFID UHF tag: reading distance is about 2-3m. Compared with etching AL RFID tags, printable on metal RFID UHF tag is with thicker thickness and higher price which is not a good choice.

HUAYUAN launched smart blood bag management RFID tag with omni-directional antenna design embedded IMPINJ MONZA 4E or MONZA 4QT. Our RFID-based blood bag UHF tag is an omnidirectional liquid label with long reading distance and stable performance.

Key features to coupling RFID UHF tag for blood bag:

1, Long reading distance, steady RFID performance. Its reading distance is about 2-3m. Furthermore, this type of RFID UHF liquid tag’s performance is barely affected by the adherend’s materials and the contained liquid.

2, Omnidirectional performance. The coupling RFID UHF liquid tag can be read from 360 degree angles which makes the reading process speedy and convenient.

3, Broad band. The FCC designed coupling RFID UHF liquid tag’s performance is about 50-60% at ETSI frequency.

Specification of Coupling RFID-based Blood Bag Tags

Item: RFID Tags for Blood Bags
Protocol: GS1/EPC Global UHF Gen2
Operating Frequency: 860-960mhz
Inlay Size: 73*41mm
Label Dimensions: 87*53mm or custom
Pitch: 90mm
Material: PET or customized
Imprint: Customized data (barcode, Donation Number, Site ID, Product Code, Blood Group and Expiry Date
Unwinding direction: Unwinding direction of HUAYUAN blood bag RFID tag

If you have any question to the blood bag RFID tags, feel free to contact our sales team

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