Clothing Management RFID Smart Linen Hang Tags

The textile industry is a typical application of RFID technology, currently RFID has been widely used in various links of textile industry. Enterprises can utilize flexible washable RFID tags to manage their textile, linen and garment assets, as well as commercial laundry management. By combining the checking inventory management with advanced UHF RFID technology, customers will greatly improve receiving, shipping, and tracking assets, while reducing costs through improved workflow and efficiency.

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Made of cotton-polyester fabric material, HUAYUAN’s smart linen tag can be easily attached to textile products, ideal for linens and garments tracking. With robust design, RFID laundry tag is able to withstand the rigors of repeated industrial washing over 200 times, including exposure to water, cleaning chemicals, disinfection heat and ironing pressure. RFID module with near field induct coupling loop embedded by robust sealed structure, which ensures consistent performance during life time of the tag. Excellent performance is comparable to top brands, especially with reading distance up to 5 to 7 meters (depends on size of tags ).

HUAYUAN provides a variety sizes of textile RFID tags, and flexible design offers versatile installation methods, including stitching, heat sealing, sewn into pocket and hanging with string, to meet the needs of different custom environments. Among them, RFID smart linen hang tag with string is suitable for garment tracking, with punched a hole on the tag and pre-strung string. It is a simple way to install, and eyelet is optional.

Technical Specifications of RFID Smart Linen Tag
– Dimension: 70*15mm, 70*40mm, 55*12mm or customized
– Frequency: UHF
– IC Chips: NXP UCODE 7/8, Impinj Monza R6-P
– Encasement: Polyester
– Read Range: 5-7 Meters, Depend on readers and working environment
– IP Standard: IP68
– Operating temperature: 100ºC/200M
– Storage temperature: -40°C or + 120°C
– Recycle Washing: >200 Washing Cycles

In addition to textile RFID laundry tag, HUAYUAN also provides a full range of RFID laundry tags, including silicone laundry tag, PPS button laundry tag, RFID care labels etc. HUAYUAN’s UHF RFID laundry tags are 100% tested before deliver to customers which guarantees the excellent reliability and performance consistency. HUAYUAN is also distinguished by variable data processing, such as EPC encoding, TID data providing, QR code/ Barcode laser printing etc. For more detailed of RFID smart linen hang tag, please feel free contact us.


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