Custom Printed PVC RFID Trash Tags for Waste Management

Many cities around the world have attempted to install RFID trash tags on the trash cans to help the government manage household waste precisely. In the United Kingdom, the RFID trash tag is used to record the weight of renewable materials and household waste. And based on this, rewards are issued to encourage inhabitants to sort waste and support the recycling of renewable materials.

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Plastic RFID trash tag enables the effective automation of waste management systems and waste tracking, thereby changing our perception of the recycling and waste disposal industry. Generally, LF and UHF are used in RFID waste management. Compared with LF plastic RFID tag for waste, UHF RFID trashing tag allows workers to obtain the data faster and easier. 

Plastic RFID trash tag widely used in Europe, because of the waste management policy produced by the government. Three garbage charge methods for optional. Pack household garbage in the garbage bags offered by the government. Charge calculated by garbage bags’ quantity; Trash bin’s cover opened by scan the RFID trash tag. Charge by garbage’s weight; And adhesive an RFID trashing tag on the garbage bags, the government will recycle these RFID tags for waste management.

PVC RFID trash tag key features:

Robust structure and cost-effective

Easily installation: By adhesive and screw

Customized dimension: Flexible to set up a new customize mold

Customized logo printing, personalized number printing/encoding are available.

PVC RFID Trash Tag Specification: 

Material: Laminated white PVC

Dimension: 65mm x 25mm (LF/HF/UHF); 100mm x 25mm (LF/HF/UHF/Dual) or customized

Thickness: 1mm ~ 1.5mm

Hole Diameter: 3.5mm

IP Class: IP67

Read Distance: 5-10cm (125KHz); 1-5cm (13.56MHz); 2m-3m (860-960MHz)

Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +60°C

HUAYUAN offers millions of plastic RFID tag for waste management to Korean and European market. 

Looking forward to your inquiry of the plastic RFID trash tag.

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