Customized Pallets RFID Tags for Warehouse Management

The rapid development of the IoT makes RFID different attempts in various applications. RFID warehouse management and inventory management are realized through the rapid identification of pallet RFID tags, can quickly achieve the statistics of the number of goods entering and leaving the warehouse. Data acquisition is fast, accurate, and without errors.

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The pallet is the most basic and main cargo unit in the logistics and supply chain. Embedding RFID pallet tags will not affect its appearance quality but can be identified in long-distance and fast speed. The RFID tags for pallets are difficult to damage with plastic housing or PVC lamination. Compared with barcode labels, RFID pallet tracking tags have incomparable advantages, such as large capacity, simplifying complicated workflows, and improving the efficiency and replacement of supply chains. 

Advantages of Pallet RFID Tag:

Security and visibility: The pallet RFID UHF pallet tag can be installed on the pallet by screw, inserted inside the pallet or manufactured as part of the pallet. Much securer than simply adhesive a barcode sticker. 

Easy tracking and tracking: Easily tracking the process from the manufacturer to the retailers. Especially to the food and pharmaceutical companies that are sensitive to all related raw materials. 

Enhance warehouse operation efficiency

Specification of Pallet RFID Tags

Item Pallet RFID Tag
Working Frequency 860MHz-960MHz
Protocol EPC C1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
H3, H4
Antenna Dimension 10x95mm, 15x70mm etc.
Printing Logo printing
Personalization EPC Encoding
Barcode/QR printing
Number printing, etc
Working Temperature -40 to +80°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +80°C
IC Life 100,000 Programming cycles, 10Yrs data retention
ESD Voltage Immunity Max.2000V Human being mode(HBM)

HUAYUAN offers customized encapsulation methods to protect pallet RFID tag from damage, for example, plastic housing and PVC lamination, etc. Your logo or QR/Barcode can be printed on the RFID pallet tracking tags. 

Looking forward to your inquiry of the Pallet RFID tag.

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