Flexible Printable Metal Mount RFID Tags for Tracking

HUAYUAN printable metal mount RFID tags are specially designed for thermal transfer printers. The thickness is only 1.0mm and can be easily obtained through RFID printers. Flexible and easy to mount on flat metal surfaces such as metal enclosures, containers, tools, accessories, IT assets and other metal equipment parts inventory tracking purposes. Its global operating frequency is 860~960MHz EPC GEN2. Its industry-perfect performance and excellent reading range can reach 2~9 meters. HUAYUAN can support pre-printing, EPC coding. Various sizes for selection. Customer’s size requirements are also available.

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HUAYUAN Rain printable metal-mount RFID tags is a specially designed for a thermal transfer printer and easy to be installed on a flat metallic surface, such as metal shell, container, tools, accessories, IT assets and other metal equipment parts inventory tracking purpose.  With the thickness is only 1.0mm and flexible, it can get easily through the RFID printer.

Operating global frequency 860~960MHz EPC GEN2, it’s industry’s perfect performance and excellent read ranges up to 2~9 meters, depending on the RFID tags size and the reader’s output power.

HUAYUAN Flexible printable Rain UHF RFID anti metal tag can support pre-printing, EPC coding.

Key Features of RFID Asset Tags:

• Flexible on metal.

• RFID printer printable.

• Very thin ID asset tag can easily through the printer.

• Outstanding long read range performance.

• Omni-direction reading, consistent performance.

• Anti-collision function.

• Corrosion protection.

• IP68 Waterproof.

• Multiple sizes for optional.

• Great performance.

Alienation of Metal mount RFID tags for asset management, IT asset management and other inventory mounting RFID tags on metal surfaces or metal products.

Specification of Metal mount RFID Tags:

Face Stock Material: White PET

Size: 50 × 50mm; 51 × 15 mm; 65 × 25 mm; 70 × 30 mm; 96 × 25 mm; 100 × 40 mm

Thickness: 1mm

Temperature resistance:  -20°C to +85°C

IP Grade: IP 68

Application: On metal

Attach method: Double sided adhesive

RFID tag with your RFID printer Zebra, Sato RFID printer, etc

Reference Packing:  500 tags/roll

IC’s Parameter of Metal-mount RFID Tags:

Frequency (MHz): US:902~ 928 MHz

EU: 866~868 MHz

Protocols Standards: ISO18000-6C EPC GEN2


EPC Memory: 96/ 128bits

User Memory: 64/ 32 bits

TID Memory: 48 bits

Write Endurance (Cycles) 100 000

Data Retention ( Years) 50

Anti-collision Multiple tags operation allowed

Why HUAYUAN RFID Anti-metal Tags?

1.Rich experience in RFID printable tags manufacture

2.Know-how can assist customers in selection of printable tags.

3.State-of-the-art tag manufacturing capabilities

4.Various Tag Designs Available

5.Customize RFID Design Capability

For more information, contact HUAYUAN professional team to support.

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