HF RFID Tags for Library Books Management

HUAYUAN provides the art-of-the-state of high-frequency ISO15693 RFID library tag with High-quality and large-capacity chip data storage space that can store the information of each book in it. These data can be read and written within the range of 0.05 meters to 1meters without sight or direct contact RFID ) tags are stable and reliable and can be used for more than 10 years. Temperature, light, and will not affect the use, even if the tag is dirty and the surface is worn, it will not affect the use.

Product Detail

Product Tags

HUAYUAN can provide the art-of-the-state of high frequency ISO15693 RFID library tag, with the read distance up to 1mtere in grouping reading about ten books. Idea application for documents, books and magazine management and tracking.

RFID tag library automatic identification of borrowings, book classification get easier in the library, which can improve the speed, and data accuracy of circulation and shelving functions, thereby freeing library staff to provide direct service to its users.

Why Use Library RFID Technology?

1. Save employee cost

2. Simplify patron self-check-out / check-in

3. High security and reliability

4. High-speed inventorying and book identify

5. Scan multiples at a time with high accuracy reading

Physical and Environment Specifications of RFID Tag for Books:

Face Stock Material: Paper or White PET

Substrate: PET

Antenna: Etching AL

Antenna Size: 45× 45mm

Finished label Size: 50× 50mm

Storage: -10°C to +75°C / 50%±10%RH

Operating: -25°C to +50°C / 20%±60%RH

Shelf Life: 1 year at 23±5°C / 50%±10%RH), un-seal the vacuum bag and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Reference Packing:  vacuumed packing in ESD bag; 1,000±100 Pcs/roll, 8rolls/ctn.

IC’s Parameter of RFID library Tag:

Frequency (MHz): HF 13.56MHz

Protocols Standards: ISO15693


Data Retention ( Years) 50

Write Endurance (Cycles) 100 000

HUAYUAN Library RFID Tag Advantage:

1. Various size tag designs available

2. Customize RFID shape design capability

3. AFI Encoding and printing

4. Rich experience in RFID library tags manufacture

5. State-of-the-art tag manufacturing capabilities

6. Customized production development ability

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