High Performance Consistency UHF RFID Tags for Logistics

The UHF RFID logistics management system is to fix the RFID tags for logistics on the container, and the reader is installed at the entrance or exit of the work vehicle or the port. The data information connection between the container and the system is realized through contactless read and write information. The RFID UHF system, 860-960MHz, can read multiple stationary or moving RFID tags for logistics.

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The logistics industry attracts RFID special attention because of the huge flow of goods every day. If each item labeled an RFID tag for logistics management, the quantity will be significant. On the other hand, logistics enterprises are willing to introduce new technology with fast speed and steady performance to replace traditional technology. RFID in the logistics system can shorten the operation process, improve inventory management, reduce the loss of stock shortage. Furthermore, RFID logistics improve working efficiency, increase the transparency of supply chain management. 

RFID Tags for Logistics Key Features

Long read distance: Up to 15m, depends on the reader and antenna.

High-performance consistency.

Customized face stock and adhesive options based on different requests.

Customized printing and encoding are available.

As a key partner to Avery Dennison in Asia and a member of GS1 and RAIN, HUAYUAN is known how offering tens of millions of logistics RFID labels every month. 


HY is know-how with various materials for converting and inserting.

A good partnership with Europe and the US market.

Experience in producing 10 million logistics RFID labels per month.

Keep exploring new RFID structures and materials. 

Specification of RFID Tag for Logistics

Item UHF RFID Tag for Logistics
Working Frequency 860MHz-960MHz
Protocol EPC C1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
H3, H4, H-EC, H9
Antenna Dimension 10x95mm, 15x70mm, 44x44mm, 30x50mm etc.
Printing Logo printing
Personalization EPC Encoding
Barcode/QR printing
Number printing, etc
Working Temperature -40 to +80°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +80°C
IC Life 100,000 Programming cycles, 10Yrs data retention
ESD Voltage Immunity Max.2000V Human being mode(HBM)

Looking forward to your inquiry of RFID Tags for Logistics.

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