RFID Application Cases in Apparel and Retailer


1. Luxury brand Prada
Since November 2001, the well-known Italian clothing brand Prada Advanced Clothing Group has installed RFID tags on clothing, which records the style, size, color and other details and price information of the clothing.

Whenever a customer wears Prada clothes passing through their store, the RFID system controls the store to display a picture of a model showing the same clothes on the T-stage in Milan.

This application of RFID technology has greatly enhanced consumers' sense of accomplishment after purchasing Prada products.

2. H & M
H & M applied RFID technology in 2014. H & M plans to install RFID technology in 1,800 stores in the future to automatically count product types, quantities, and consumption.

3. Decathlon
Decathlon established its own RFID company, Embisphere, in 2010. At present, about 85% of its products are tagged with RFID tags. In addition to being used in inventory and supply chain management, it has also implemented batch cashier in stores and reduced customer queue Time to improve customer experience.

Jean-MarcLieby, who is in charge of Decathlon's RFID project, said that RFID technology has increased the inventory efficiency by 5 times and reduced the loss rate of goods by about 10%.

In 2014, Zara's parent company, Inditex, decided to use RFID technology to improve the group's supply chain, and stated that RFID is a key innovation in next-generation store management.

In the first half of 2016, the CEO of Inditex publicly stated that approximately 70% of major brands improved their inventory and supply through the application of RFID technology, and also improved design, production and distribution. The sales amount increased by 11.1% in the first half of the year. The ratio reached 10.47 billion euros, and profits increased by 7.5% to 1.26 billion euros.

5. Uniqlo
In 2017, Uniqlo announced that it will launch RFID tags to 3,000 stores worldwide, including 2,000 Outlet Uniqlo stores. Uniqlo is the world's first Japanese retailer to use RFID tags worldwide.

More and more clothing brands have already used RFID. HUAYUAN is an RFID Tag manufacturer for lots of big apparel brands. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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