RFID Technology for Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE, personnel protective equipment, is essential defensive equipment that aims to protect workers’ safety and health in the production process. It plays a very important role in protecting workers from the occurrence of accidents and casualties. PPE can be divided into special PPE products and general PPE products. More and more safety companies investigating the possibility of adding RFID tags to PPE special products for security reasons. For example, RFID tag for the mask, RFID tag for the helmet, RFID tag for headsets, etc.

Normally, the UHF RFID tag for PPE selected owing to the long read distance, group reading and fast reading features. However, it is very challenged to apply RFID for PPE due to the various and complicated applications. For example:
- Complicated working environment: Waterproof, anti-humidity, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, chemical resistant, etc.
- High RFID electronic performance request.
- Consideration of RFID interference by the human and metal environment.
- Limited installation space and method request


HUAYUAN has rich experience in RFID products research and development. We are professional in developing RFID tags to PPE from RFID tag’ s structure, encapsulation, material, production method, etc based on customers’ requests. HUAYUAN cooperates with the world-leading safety company, developing and offering customized RFID tags to PPE with high performance.
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Post time: Apr-01-2020

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